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"They were exceptionally helpful with my recovery, very informative and super nice! I recommend them 100 % "
Jan 04, 2024
"Penny and her team are excellent. I have had physical therapy on and off for years and this team of dedicated professionals improved my mobility. When I first came to them, I could not raise my right arm above my shoulder. After three weeks of therapy i can raise my arm again. I highly recommend Penny and her team. "
May 30, 2023
"I highly recommend this Physical Therapy Service. Ms. Penemarie Murphy is very knowledgable. Mr Emmanuel is a highly qualified and experienced PT who has a deep knowledge of human physiology. They are both very compassionate and dedicated to PT. Mr. Emmanuel helped me recover from terrible hip pain. I am very grateful to get my life back again. "
May 03, 2023
Sep 29, 2022
"This was a great experience the staff was great I would recommend this place any time Emanuel was awesome very encouraging and always pushing you to reach your potential and get better. Thank always to the whole staff"
Jul 20, 2022
"Well...I graduated as a patient from Physical Therapy Services today! My first visit, I had all sorts of pain issues, lack of endurance and strength. Today, due to the expert care and coaching provided by Ms. Pene, I can honestly say that I am feeling so much better, and most of all...PAIN FREE!! If you're seeking a Physical Therapist, I highly recommend them. The entire team is caring, focused on your overall well-being and healthy healing. You will not be disappointed. "
Oct 26, 2021
"The staff from the front desk to the therapists were professional and friendly. Each therapist have their own unique personality but the goal is the same to get you where you need to be physically...the best you with confidence and poise. Way to go Team therapists!"
Jul 12, 2021
"Penny and the staff are great. I’ve been seeing her over the years for various issues that I’ve had with my back, hips and shoulders. Penny is very informative and explains your condition to where it’s easy for you to understand. Their therapy techniques have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend them!"
Jun 06, 2021
"Excellent Service Knowledgeable staff"
Feb 15, 2021
"Great staff. I was greeted by name every time I came through their door. I was asked about my mental, emotional, and physical well being before every session. Ms. Rose, Ms. Penny, and Mr. Emanuel were personable and very funny. They made every therapy hour go by quickly. They are very knowledgeable and caring. The love for their profession comes through every time. I will return to this team if I ever need physical therapy again. Nella V."
Jan 07, 2021
"Great one on one help very knowledgeable got me back on my feet fast"
Oct 22, 2020
"Amazing, caring and fun! Thank you everyone at Physical Therapy Services"
Aug 28, 2020
"Great team of People with a wonderful sense of humor. They make working through the discomfort fun. Creative and never boring. They helped me resolve my bone dislocations in my foot , increase my strength and confidence, while reducing the pain. "
Jul 14, 2020
"Penny, the best therapists I have ever meet. My co-worker recommended her and she didnt let me down. My shoulder is doing much better. Thanks Ms. Penny."
Mar 12, 2020
" I have had physical therapy and massages at several different facilities in my area but Physical Therapy Service is the absolute the best. All the staff are amazing smart, kind, caring and will go above and beyond for your needs. They make you feel like more than just a patient. Thanks to Penemarie -owner /PT / and Rose Smith and Emanuel for all you do, for what you do, and how you do it..... "
Feb 14, 2020
"I have had physical therapy at several different facilities in my area,but Physical Therapy Service is the absolute the best. All the staff are amazing, smart, kind,caring and will go above and beyond for your needs. In my case was multiple problems (knee, shoulder, back). They made you feel like more than just a patient. Thanks to Penemarie p/t /owner and staff for all you do,for what you do and how you do it. Recommend Physical Therapy Service anytime... "
Jan 31, 2020
Jan 21, 2020
"Pene,Emanuel and Rose are a fabulous team.They are super friendly, knowledgeable and really do a wonderful job."
Jan 20, 2020
"The physical therapy was geared toward total wellness and relief of symptoms. I have suffered with low back pain for years and never had the attention given at PTS on Merrill. The staff is kind and caring. In addition a new massage therapist has been added to the staff. . . . WOW best ever deep tissue massage! "
Apr 01, 2019
"Really enjoyed the therapy I have received. Facility very clean and therapist very professional and knowledgeable. Truly appreciate her assistant in helping me physically. Thank you so much. "
Mar 29, 2019
"Where do I begin.... PeneMarie and Rose are truly amazing and wonderful ladies !! They are very friendly, professional, caring, and encouraging. From my first to my last session, they were very helpful. My sessions weren't merely going through the motions. Pene showed me the smallest movement was just as important and effective as a large one. She explained in detail how the range of movements and exercises would strengthen my muscles and joints. If an exercise wasn't working for me, she would modify or show me a new one. I can't begin to explain my gratitude for them. Rose always has a smile even when speaking on the telephone. She accommodates your schedule to ensure you have an appointment. Truly awesome. I highly recommend Physical Therapy Services !!"
Dec 27, 2018
"I, Paul H. Turban, have been under therapy by Penemarie Murphy for several years. Pene has worked on my knees, back, shoulder, neck, arms, & feet (just about every part of my body). I am extremely happy with the result of all of my treatments. My mobility and flexibility improve everytime I visit with Pene. I would advise everyone I know to use Physical Therapy Services. Pene is very courtesy, has a great sense of humor and attention to detail are exceptional. "
Dec 27, 2018

I, Thomas H. Williams, have been under therapy by Penemarie Murphy for several months. I am very happy with the result of my treatment. I have greater mobility and flexibility in my knees. My balance while walking has been greatly enhanced. I would advise anyone I know to use her services. Her courtesy, good humor and attention to detail are noteworthy.

– Christine W.

The Physical Therapy Services at this location and at the former Atlantic Blvd location have been the best therapy services I have ever received. I have lived all over the world and have experienced many different therapies, and Pene’s services are by far the superior to any other location. She has the unique ability to understand a client’s needs, and then to determine specific modalities of treatment that meet the learning needs as well as the physical needs of her clients. She integrates creative approaches for every obstacle and is relentless in coming up with a solution that works for each client’s aptitudes, physical capabilities, and personality. This is a gifted provider of services that I can recommend with no limitations. You will be challenged, but with every step, you take with Pene’s guidance and instruction you have the opportunity to improve your life.

– N.G.

I highly recommend Physical Therapy Services and this is the reason I do:

I was diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon of adhesive capsulitis (no arm/shoulder movement/stiffness), and was referred to Physical Therapy Services. After the first therapy treatment, I could move my arm a little. Home exercises were a part of the therapy program. After each therapy treatment, there was noticeable improvement. I regained full range and motion with six weeks of therapy and released.

The staff is very helpful, and appointment times are kept on schedule.

Pene Murphy is a wonderful physical therapist, and I am grateful for her and her profession.

Physical Therapy Services merits a 10.

– C.J.

Physical Therapy Services has made a huge impact on my life. After shoulder surgery, PTS provided the professional support I needed through every step of the recovery process. Accomplishing each goal through each phase has made recovery an amazing success!

– Margaret P.

Awesome clinic with an amazing staff. The environment is comfy and clean, and Pene is a very friendly and caring PT.

– Terrence R.

After a hip replacement one year ago, I didn’t think I was progressing enough with a different therapist so I started going to PTS and after only 2 visits, I know that I made the right choice. Pene has been able to work muscles that were not firing before.

– Robin S.

I highly recommend Physical Therapy Services because of their knowledge and personalized care. I have needed treatment for various issues over the past 20 years and I always choose Physical Therapy Services. The atmosphere is professional but yet friendly. The entire staff knows my name and greets me when I come in.

– Denise S.

Pene and her staff know their stuff. They know how to make you get better and they know how to make you stronger!

– Julie R.

I just wanted to let you know that your therapy approach was successful in treating my neck pain. I had a great duck season and I continue to feel very good after your therapy, Excellent results!

I will pass the word about your services. Feel free to use me if you ever need any patient references.

– Eric H.

When I first came to Physical Therapy Services, I could hardly walk without holding on to something. I was so down I felt nothing was going to help me, but I was wrong. The therapists helped and encouraged me to give it all I could to make the therapy work and it did. I get around through my exercises now and I no longer depend on canes or walkers to help hold me up.

Thank you Penemarie and Safi for making my life so much better.

– Joan T.

I’m not one for writing testimonials, but in this case, it’s a must because of the way Physical Therapy Services has helped me over the last four or five years! On that “scale of one to ten” we’re all familiar with they are an eleven, and we don’t run into “elevens very often! Everyone involved with the company is there for only one reason–to bend over backward in giving the best care possible. They’re upbeat, friendly, and can’t be beaten at what they do–the best I’ve ever been too. I’m from Boston, and if I ever move back there I’ll just have to fly back to Jacksonville for any treatment needed.

– Jack O.

I came to Physical Therapy Services after breaking my left ankle in three places while walking in the snow. During an emergency surgery, one 4 inch plate and two pins were inserted into my ankle and I flew back home to Jacksonville. After 2-1/2 months, the doctors removed my cast and recommended that I start a course of physical therapy. At this point, I was unable to bear my body weight on my leg, let alone walk without crutches.

The staff at Physical Therapy Services began my therapy with stretching and flexion of my ankle, which after about a week and a half, enabled me to begin walking without crutches. However, I had a severe limp and could not bear weight for more than about ten minutes. They slowly progressed my therapy as I began to improve, gradually challenging me more and more as I regained the use of my ankle. After about 4 weeks of therapy, I was walking normally, which was gradually increased to mild jogging over the course of the next few weeks.

My orthopedic surgeon was very impressed with my recovery period and therapy, at the end of which, I was able to perform day to day activities at 100% and had begun jogging and lifting weights with my legs again. I still had some pain and range of motion issues, due to the pins/plate in my ankle, so my orthopedic surgeon decided to remove the hardware from my leg. This is usually not the recommended course of action, and, if done, usually takes place at least one year or more after the injury.

Five months after breaking my ankle, the surgeon removed all of the hardware, told me to take it easy for 4-8 weeks, resume physical therapy, and sent me on my way. He told me that due to my rapid recovery, there was no need to wait any longer to perform the surgery. I began therapy again but was ahead of the game from my initial therapy, so it was not like starting all over. We had two light weeks while the surgical incisions healed, then began therapy in earnest, but with greater emphasis on regaining full use of the ankle for all activities.

After about 8 weeks, Physical Therapy Services and my orthopedic surgeon both cleared me with a clean bill of health. As of the time I write this testimonial, approximately 10 months after breading my ankle, I am able to jog 3 miles in 24 minutes, sprint, squat 400 lbs, and do any and all activities in the same manner as before my injury. I am absolutely sure that my initial recovery was so brief and I was able to have my second surgery so soon after my injury was due to the fantastic treatment I received at Physical Therapy Services. The same holds true for my recovery after my second surgery.

The office staff is kind and courteous, and the therapists are phenomenal. Their ultimate goal seems to be to improve your quality of life, and from my own experiences, as well as others that I have seen in the office, they achieve that goal. I have had nothing but the finest experiences at Physical Therapy Services and would recommend it to my own family and friends without hesitation. The kindness, professionalism, and quality of care shown here are exceptional, and I would not be as physically capable today without the help I received at Physical Therapy Services.

– Colin M.