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Brian, I just wanted to let you know that your therapy approach was successful in treating my neck pain. I had a great duck season and I continue to feel very good after your therapy, Excellent results!

I will pass the word about your services. Feel free to use me if you ever need any patient references.

Eric Heise 03/26/2014

When I first came to Physical Therapy Services, I could hardly walk without holding on to something. I was so down I felt nothing was going to help me, but I was wrong. The therapists helped and encouraged me to give it all I could to make the therapy work and it did. I get around through my exercises now and I no longer depend on canes or walkers to help hold me up.

Thank you Pennemarie and Safi for making my life so much better.

Joan Timones 02/09

I'm not one for writing testimonials, but in this case it's a must because of the way Physical Therapy Services has helped me over the last four or five years! On that "scale of one to ten" we're all familiar with they are an eleven, and we don't run into "elevens very often! Everyone involved with the company is there for only one reason--to bend over backwards in giving the best care possible. They're upbeat, friendly, and can't be beat at what they do--the best I've ever been too. I'm from Boston, and if I ever move back there I'll just have to fly back to Jacksonville for any treatment needed.

Jack Orth 12/08

I came to Physical Therapy Services after breaking my left ankle in three places while walking in the snow. During an emergency surgery one 4 inch plate and two pins were inserted into my ankle and I flew back home to Jacksonville. After-2 1/2 months, the doctors removed my cast and recommended that I start a course of physical therapy. At this point, I was unable to bear my body weight on my leg, let alone walk without crutches.

The staff at Physical Therapy Services began my therapy with stretching and flexion of my ankle, which after about a week and a half, enabled me to begin walking without crutches. However, I had a severe limp and could not bear weight for more than about ten minutes. They slowly progressed my therapy as I began to improve, gradually challenging me more and more as I regained the use of my ankle. After about 4 weeks of therapy, I was walking normally, which was gradually increased to mild jogging over the course of the next few weeks.

My orthopedic surgeon was very impressed with my recovery period and therapy, at the end of which, I was able to perform day to day activities at 100% and had begun jogging and lifting weights with my legs again. I still had some pain and range of motion issues, due to the pins/plate in my ankle, so my orthopedic surgeon decided to remove the hardware from my leg. This is usually not the recommended course of action, and, if done, usually takes place at least one year or more after the injury.

Five months after breaking my ankle, the surgeon removed all of the hardware, told me to take it easy for 4-8 weeks, resume physical therapy, and sent me on my way. He told me that due to my rapid recovery, there was no need to wait any longer to perform the surgery. I began therapy again, but was ahead of the game from my initial therapy, so it was not like starting all over. We had two light weeks while the surgical incisions healed, then began therapy in earnest, but with greater emphasis on regaining full use of the ankle for all activities.

After about 8 weeks, Physical Therapy Services and my orthopedic surgeon both cleared me with a clean bill of health. As of the time I write this testimonial, approximately 10 months after breading my ankle, I am able to jog 3 miles in 24 minutes, sprint, squat 400 lbs, and do any and all activities in the same manner as before my injury. I am absolutely sure that my initial recovery was so brief and I was able to have my second surgery so soon after my injury was due to the fantastic treatment I received at Physical Therapy Services. The same holds true for my recovery after my second surgery.

The office staff is kind and courteous, and the therapists are phenomenal. Their ultimate goal seems to be to improve your quality of life, and from my own experiences, as well as others that I have seen in the office, they achieve that goal. I have had nothing but the finest experiences at Physical Therapy Services, and would recommend it to my own family and friends without hesitation. The kindness, professionalism, and quality of care shown here are exceptional, and I would not be as physically capable today without the help I received at Physical Therapy Services.

Colin McDonagh 12/28/05

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